Dedicated to the staff who manned RAF
(840 SU) Siggiewi throughout the years.
This section is "Looking for old friends" where we are happy to post information about service personnel looking to contact members they served with over the years. All we need is your email address and any information you would like to give, including photo's and we will post them here for you. Please contact the webmaster at

Charles Vella
(copyright Charles Vella)

Jnr Tech Gordon Milsom AKA Taff, Rip Van Winkle Teleprinter Servicing 1963 to 1965
(copyright Gordon Milsom)


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Looking for old friends

SAC Lino Sammut
SAC Michael Camilleri (Lulu)

SAC Allen Hartland with Winnie.
Pooch the camp dog’s ‘lady friend’

SAC Keith Newton

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Alan Hooper and the PTI. Anyone
remember the name of the PTI?
(copyright A Hooper)

Looking for the RAF staff who served on board HMS MEON during the Suez conflict
Jack Belshaw, John (Johnny) Powis and P James

Thanks to James (Jim) Fowler
On the football field is me winding up the rubber motor,on my left is Alan Crompton, then John Prosser,then Joe Blakey, then Wattie Brooks holding the aircraft.

"C" Aero club members 57 - 58
Aero club members are : front kneeling Walter (Wattie)
Brooks, on his left kneeling is Alan (Wack) Crompton, Standing is (pulling the funny face) Joe Blakey,cant remember who the guy is standing in front of him,then me, standing behind Alan Crompton.

James Fowler Siggiewi 1955 - 59

Outside one of the Quonset huts 58
The ones in best blues are:"seated" Joe Blakey (deceased) then Me, (James Fowler)
on my left is John Hudd (deceased). Can't remember who the others are.







Allen Hartland Siggiewi 63